ZILLA Releases New Blockchain Event Platform

ZILLA Events

ZILLA users can now search for blockchain conferences and get tickets using the cryptocurrency directly from their ZILLA wallet. There are two features that set the ZILLA event platform apart from other ticketing services such as Eventbrite, and Peatix.

  • When users check-in to events, they can receive an airdrop of exchange-listed tokens.
  • Receive Point Coins when buying tickets.

What are Point Coins?

Point Coins are loyalty points on the blockchain. Point Coins will do to events what ICOs did to crowdfunding. Point Coins are unlisted, and are not intended as an investment, rather a gamification method to incentivize users to engage, trade, and learn about cryptocurrency without the fear of mishandling or losing cryptocurrency that are worth money.

Benefits of Point Coins:

  • Attendees get Point Coins automatically sent to their wallet when purchasing tickets.
  • Gain access to exclusive VIP after parties with Point Coins.
  • Tweet and promote the event on social media in order to get more Point Coins.
  • Get Point Coins when attending booths at events.
  • Prize give away (hardware wallets, mining machines, etc) for attendees with the most Point Coins.
  • Point Coins are a low risk, easy way for attendees to learn about cryptocurrency.

What Point Coins are not: Point Coins are not intended to be an investment. Their purpose is to be given away at events for free, to be educational, and to be used as a method to engage attendees.

With Point Coins, event goers will be more engaged and event organizers can issue and incentivize them with loyalty Point Coins. ZILLA is now available on both App Store and Google Play.


ZILLA is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet, curated ICO marketplace, and now blockchain event platform. Users can compare, evaluate and participate in ICOs after completing KYC. So far, hundreds of ICOs and tens of thousands of people have registered for ZILLA in the US, Japan, China, and Korea.

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