Keplertek Special Sale: Last Chance for 30% Bonus! (June 19th-June 21st)

· June 13, 2018 · 9:00 pm

Due to extremely high demand for this amazing project, Keplertek has decided to give the cryptocurrency community one more opportunity to take advantage of the huge 30 percent bonus that was offered during Pre-Sale. The Sale will start on the 19th of June 2018 at 8 PM UTC+4 and will remain open until the 21st of June 2018 (8 PM UTC+4), giving investors exactly 24 hours and one final chance to hop on the Kepler-train during this last stage of its Pre-ICO. Investors who reserved tokens before the Pre-Sale but missed out on their purchases due to not triggering the reservations will have one LAST chance to do so now. 

Last Chance

If you have just discovered Kepler and its innovative ideas with the potential to change our future, here is a quick overview of the Kepler Universe.

Kepler Universe is the centerpiece of Keplertek’s ICO, which will make it possible for young and promising start-ups focused on inventing the technology of tomorrow to connect with like-minded visionaries and skilled businessman. All settlements in this ecosystem will be conducted in KEP and give holders the opportunity to purchase robots and licenses — as well as subscription services for AI.

All KEP tokens available during Pre-Sale were sold out within the first seven days, reflecting just how much excitement there is for Kepler Technologies. There will be 500,000 tokens for sale during this Special Sale, but keep in mind that the first 400,000 tokens available during the Pre-Sale were sold within the first 24 hours of its opening. You better be fast, things are looking bright for Keplertek and it would come as a surprise if there are still tokens left come June 21st!

In total, there are 100,000,000 KEP tokens, which are valued at $1.25 each. 61 percent of the total supply will be sold to investors, while 10 percent each are assigned to the team and preserve fund. Partners and advisers receive a combined 16 percent with 3 percent being dedicated to bounty hunters. This is useful information because, with 61 percent of all tokens being sold, Kepler ranks among the most decentralized (and therefore trustworthy) initial coin offerings in the space. Projects where the team holds 80 or 90 percent of the total supply are no rarity, offering investors very little trust and opportunity for growth.

The first stage of Keplertek’s ICO will start on June 26th and end on July 17th, after which KEP will be available on major exchanges. The first stage will offer investors a 20 percent bonus, which will decrease to 10 percent, 5 percent and eventually 0 as the ICO moves on.

Keplertek invites investors from all around the world (including the US and China) to not miss out on one of the most high-potential projects of the year and make a revolutionary investment in a limitless future now. Complete KYC and get ready for the 19th of June — it will pay off. Join the Special Sale and earn bragging rights for being able to say you got in early!

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